The training we offer is designed for all persons working in the field of the pad printing process such as operators or tool setters and users who are assigned the daily production as well as companies that are printing on demand. The training is held in English language.

Basic principles of pad printing:

The pad printing training seminars at TAMPOPRINT® are designed for users and operators of pad printing machines. During the two day training the participants are taught the basics of pad printing, and they will learn the interrelationships which are necessary for the everyday printing process.

In our training courses you will receive a basic insight into the pad printing process.

Individual pad printing training course:

We recommend an individual pad printing training course if you have changed the operators of your TAMPOPRINT® pad printing machine. Contents of the „individual pad printing training course“ will be tailored to your needs. The contents cover theory and on-the-job training in order to facilitate the regular operation of your TAMPOPRINT® pad printing machine and to shorten the procedures.

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