Software ALFALAS® Laser Suite

„Together we are strong“- according to this principle the TAMPOPRINT AG has developed the new ALFALAS® Laser Suite for its laser marking systems. With a lot of know-how and experience and in close cooperation with our long-standing customers and partners, a user-friendly and intuitively to learn computer software has been created, whose focus is clearly on software ergonomics and data security.

The core of the software are the special applications of the ALFALAS modules, which are used in TAMPOPRINT laser marking systems:


Software ALFALAS® Laser Suite


With the ALFALAS® Designer and its 2-dimensional graphic interface it is possible to quickly and easily create and customize a template. In addition to standard features, such as the creation of graphical basic objects1) or text function2), our barcode module can also be used to generate complex 1D and 2D codes3). The data import of vector and image graphics4) 5) is of course also one of the features that should not be missed, and that cover the latest state of the art.

ALFALAS® Control controls and monitors the hardware configuration of the laser unit for the serial production.

ALFALAS® Protocol Viewer logs the events during production. Thus, in addition to project data, warning and error messages can also be recorded.

ALFALAS® Promotion MOF – MIX is specially developed for the machines of the MOF series. With this module, the promotional text for marking of closure caps can be created. In addition to consecutive numbers and letters, special characters, pictograms or characters from other countries can also be used.

The most important criterion for the new ALFALAS® Laser Suite was the aspect of “data security”. All data is protected against manipulation by means of a special encryption process. For even better protection against tampering, the data cannot be changed at the system, but must be generated via a special offline PC workstation.

We guarantee 100% protection for your promotion!

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