Since 2003, the TAMPOPRINT laser system MOF-PROMO HP has been successfully used worldwide for the marking of bottle caps. The system which is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, comes with a high performance Ytterbium laser (fiber laser 1064 nm wave length) and achieves an output capacity of maximum 2.500 bottle caps per minute. Thanks to the flexible design, the MOF-PROMO HP is the ideal basis for customized solutions. This allows for the system to be equipped optionally with one or with several camera systems. The loading of the laser system takes place via a position-oriented sorting elevator which brings the bottle caps into the correct position.
But also in fields of application such as medical technology where traceability must be permanently guaranteed, the laser technology is indispensable in the meantime. Therefore, the MOF technology is in use also here. Individual markings, foaming, coating removal etc. on different materials in many industrial sectors.


At the beginning of 2018, TAMPOPRINT brought on the market the latest generation of the laser system, the MOF-PROMO HP 200, equipped with an innovative fiber laser system. Depending on the application, the customer has now the choice between the laser system MOF-PROMO HP und the laser system MOF-PROMO HP 200.
With the technical enhancement of the system, TAMPOPRINT raises the bar and combines the well-established performance features with new ones.
High production efficiency:
For bottle caps of the same size the output capacity is up to 60 % higher (if the number of characters and the number of laser pigments are identical), e.g. for red bottle caps or for the marking of bottle caps with QR or DMC codes.
Cost savings thanks to fewer laser additives:
With a constant output capacity, the MOF-PROMO HP 200 needs up to 60 % fewer laser additives in the master batch.
High-contrast markings:
Using color change, it is possible to achieve a very good readability even for colors which are difficult to mark, such as e.g. blue, red or green.
100% traceability:
Ensuring the mandatory traceability for medical products in accordance with the tolerance limits of the manufacturers.
High tamper protection:
Anti-counterfeiting thanks to a permanently tamper-proof laser marking.
Standard delivery of the MOF-PROMO HP 200 includes:
  • Speedy set-up: Fast commissioning thanks to plug and play
  • Easy to service: Low-maintenance components and a long-lasting fiber laser
  • High industrial hygiene: Easily washable stainless steel machine material (in particular for the food and luxury food industry)
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS): Data integrity is ensured thanks to an uninterruptible power supply
  • Compact design: High flexibility (e.g. relocation) thanks to transport rollers and unproblematic integration into existing production lines
  • Secure process: CE certified machine safety
    • According to laser safety class 1, DIN EN 60825.1
    • 2-way safety device
    • Safety performance Level D
  • Automatic error control: Post-production control through an optional camera system
  • High user friendliness: Simple and intuitive operation using the new software ALFALAS LASER SUITE
    • Easy generating of 1D/2D bar codes (e.g.: EAN13, DMC, QR code)
    • Simple graphics design
    • Data import: .pdf, .eps, .ai
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