Laser Applications at TAMPOPRINT

Who does not immediately think of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker and Co. when hearing the term “laser”? However, only a few know that this hides a white-knuckle technology that we encounter again and again in our everyday lives.

TAMPOPRINT has been using the energy from focused light for many years and deploys this technology to label components. Here, the so-called “fiber laser” with a wavelength of 1064 nm (nanometers) is used. This laser is suitable for processing metals such as steel, copper or brass. But also plastics with color additives (special laser additives) can be labeled.

For the processing of glass and ceramics, a laser system is used which operates in the ultraviolet frequency range with a wavelength of 355 nm.

With the CLICHE LASER PLUS, cliché plates can be produced in no time. The machine is small, compact and easy to use.

The machine series MOF-PROMO HP is one size larger. This laser system uses the mark-on-the-fly process (MOF) to label bottle caps for the beverage industry. Optionally equipped with a 100 Watt or 200 Watt fiber laser, up to 2500 bottle caps per minute can be labeled with a serial promotion.

The modular MODULE ONE series is ideally suited for the use of a print / laser combination. For example, the material surfaces can be prepared for the subsequent printing process by using the laser. Or a color coat can be removed with the laser beam, for example, in order to generate a 2-D barcode. Traceability is an important keyword here.

Also the special purpose machinery manufacture of the company TAMPOPRINT is full of interesting laser applications. The use of comprehensive components allows that in addition to infusion bags also detergent containers, household appliance screens and electrical components can be marked with the laser labeling process.

All machines made by TAMPOPRINT are equipped with the software ALFALAS LASER SUITE which can be intuitively learned and has been specially developed by TAMPOPRINT. A two-dimensional user interface makes it possible. Geometries, text fields or external vector files are quickly placed in the right position via Drag & Drop. The preconfigured laser parameters make handling a breeze.

The development of the laser technology is far from over. And a lot of things will happen at the company TAMPOPRINT in the future. Stay curious and open-minded about new things and, as Skywalker would say, “May the force (of light) be with you.”

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