Printing, laser individualization and camera monitoring in one pass

A real “Plug&Play” fully automated system which is ready to use anywhere at any time. You only need electricity, gas and air supply, then connect our “Closure Print Compact” and production may start. No service technician for commissioning and no special qualified personnel at the customer are necessary.   A…

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ROTOPRINT High-speed automation

With more than 180 machines sold, the ROTOPRINT is the best-selling TAMPOPRINT closure cap printing machine since more than 30 Years. In 2016, TAMPOPRINT decided to make the ROTOPRINT part of the standard machine portfolio. In this process, all developments and advantages are moved into a new machine frame.  …

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High-speed pad printing automation

The CONTINUA is the high performance closure cap rotary pad printing machine from TAMPOPRINT AG with a printing performance of up to 4.000 closure caps per minute. The machine’s linear design enables the use of 6 RTI rotary pad printing units for 6-colour printing. The handling by the machine operator is particularly…

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printing up to 750 closure caps per minute

The CLOSURE PRINT model is specially tailored for customers with performance requirements of up to 750 closure caps per minute. Three integrated vertical printing units produce optimal three-colour printing results. In contrast to the CLOSURE PRINT COMPACT, the CLOSURE PRINT has separate delivery and removal systems.   In spite of its lower…

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