Pad printing cliché cylinder

For raster and screen laser motives

Cliché cylinders can be produced exactly to customer specification and to the highest accuracy within 24 hours, thanks to our cliché manufacture with the most modern equipment located in the TAMPOPRINTAG headquarters. The product range contains cliché types and widths for a wide variety of requirements and printing performances. With…

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2015/07 – Tutorial: Adjusting the H RTI 21-150

Today we would like to show you how to adjust the pad printing unit H RTI 21-150 for best printing results. The movie is about the possibilities of fasten and optimisation of the setup times of your H RTI 21-150 pad printing unit integrated in TAMPOPRINT ROTOPRINT fully automated systems.

Here you have a short tutorial with useful tips. If you have further questions post them on our site or ask directly!


2014/08 – Pad printing versus Offset printing – What can pad printing do better?


Introduced back in 1981, today rotary pad printing is established in the bottle cap industry. Rotary printing is used overall in the area of cylindrical and flat moulded parts and part surfaces. Particularly with demanding and difficult conditions where robust machines are called for, just where TAMPOPRINT “Made in Germany”…

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