Spray Washing Device

Pneumatic cleaning device for washing of ink/doctoring cups and clichés for pad printing. The cleaning area made of stainless steel can be reached via a flap in the top panel.

Her, spray nozzles spread the cleaning agent on the dirty parts. The cleaner is kept in a separate housing area which is to be opened from the front side. Existing hoses suck the cleaning agent directly from the container. The cleaning process and its duration are controlled by a “timer”. By means of an integrated security system the cleaning process is interrupted by premature opening of the cover flap. The washing solvent vapours which are produced while washing are sucked off automatically. For removal, we recommend an on-site suction unit.

The cleaner conforms to the legislative proposals 94/9/ EC (ATEX Directive) and 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive).

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