Rotary pad printing inks

Both translucent and covering pad printing inks of many different ink types and shades are used in pad printing. Depending on the type of material being printed, either 1- or 2-component inks have to be used for good ink resistance. The 1-component inks dry physically as the solvent element evaporates. Once the ink has been transferred, as well as drying physically, the 2-component inks also trigger a networking reaction.



Ink series RDF-HF

With the new developed ink type series RDF-HF, TAMPOPRINT offers an perfect successor for rotary pad printing. Free of halogens, chlorine, aromatic compounds, phthalates and cyclohexanone. Therefore the ink series meets already all the Hazardous Substances Guidelines to become law:

  • Packaging Guideline 94/64/EG (CONEG-Guideline)
  • Toy Guideline 2009/48/EG
  • DIN EN 71/3
  • Canada’s “Workplace Hazardous Material Information System” (WHMIS)
  • The EuPIA exclusion list for printing inks and related products (04/2011)


The revised RDF-HF rotary pad printing ink type is developed on basis of experiences we gained from the RDF ink types. Beside the new enhancements the ink series RDF-HF for sure offers the same advantages as supplied before. RDF-HF offer good coverage on dark surfaces, low ink and investment costs and best print results for silver and gold colors.

The ink coating is resistant towards diluted alkalis, alcohol, various chemicals, hand perspiration, oil and fat. Furthermore after the cure the ink is impact-resistant, block-resistant and well covering. The best about this: The ink series, free of heavy metals, is suitable for the decoration of toys and for the exterior packaging for the food industry.


You choose RDF-HF, if you want to pad print on

For optimal color adjustment we recommend the thinner VDL-K and VDS-K (also free of cyclohexanone and phthalate). To slow down the chemical curing reaction, e.g. for print images for particular demands we commend Retarder VZ-K. And last but not least: The hardener LMN-3 for markings with high mechanical and chemical conditions.

With ink series RDF-HF the pad printing industry has a new ink type available, which meets all requirements for the application in the toy and food industry and features optimum pad print characteristics. The ink series is the ideal replacement for the ink series RDF.



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