Promotion marking with TAMPOPRINT performance laser

Everyone knows: promotion and laser individualization are time-critical jobs. For that it is necessary to be well prepared – with reliable machines and raw materials in best quality. But isn’t this extremely expensive?

No, not at all! By choosing a MOF PROMO HP from TAMPORINT you have a powerful solution for fast and precise laser marking at high speed. Equipped with a YAG laser unit the machine is highly effective and low in energy consumption and maintenance. Three very important issues for the direction of your investment. The additives needed to improve the laser marking quality are certainly expensive, but have you ever made a real long-term calculation of value?

Today, the only alternative to the YAG laser technology is to choose a UV laser. There is no doubt about it, this is a system for highest precision in laser marking with perfect contour definition – and the only way to mark dark plastics with bright engravings. But while the costs for acquisition and maintenance are very high, its output figures are moderate.
Now have a clear look at the following scenario: Assuming an order of about 20 million closure caps with a text promotion of 14 characters – delivery time 35 days.
Calculated without personal and infrastructure costs, the formerly expensive additives are becoming more favorable. But why? The answer to this question was already mentioned at the beginning: The crucial factor is the time to fulfill the order!

Clear facts to compare

The greatest advantage of the YAG laser system is at the same time also its major handicap. By using additives to improve the marking quality and speed, the costs for each closure cap increase as well. On the other side, there are the higher costs for the UV laser system and for its spare parts and the laser source lifetime is shorter. What decision should be taken? Of course there are also applications and closure cap colors for which the YAG laser system is not the best choice. But CLARIANT (one of the biggest players in the world of additives) and TAMPOPRINT are developing solutions for this sort of challenge together. The main focus of the research departments is on the bright color change.

Why is there no way in getting around the YAG laser system? It’s the time. This conclusion was reached by involving the factor of possible promotion markings in a pre-defined production period. If more promotion closure caps are ordered than a UV laser system can produce in the pre-defined time, then more than one machine will be needed.

Performance comparison for time critical orders

In short: The high output figures and the constant laser marking quality independent of the manufacturing method are the crucial benefits.
Ask our sales staff to get your individual calculation! The TAMPOPRINT Team is ready for your application and will support you both technically and commercially. With over 25 years of experience in the field of laser marking and hundreds of laser systems sold worldwide, TAMPOPRINT is the first choice for your business success.

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