Pad printing cliché cylinder

Cliché cylinders can be produced exactly to customer specification and to the highest accuracy within 24 hours, thanks to our cliché manufacture with the most modern equipment located in the TAMPOPRINTAG headquarters. The product range contains cliché types and widths for a wide variety of requirements and printing performances. With the new TAMPOPRINT EXPRESS-LINE, TAMPOPRINT AG enables the highest flexibility for the customer’s production.


The cliché cylinders stand out with their long service life and excellent detail reproduction. There is currently a choice of two different materials, chosen according to the print motif and/or the print run size.


For raster and screen laser motives

Chrome and Ceramic cliché cylinders for rotative pad printing

A very high service life can be achieved with ceramic cylinders. The wear on this cylinder type is due to mechanical damage, e.g. by wrong or inappropriate handling by the machine operator. Our high-speed Laser engraves the cliche material (ceramic and chrome)) in highest precision and absolute repeatability. Both materials can be engraved with raster and screen motives – or even a mixture from both. This leads to a significant increased quality and an enriching of possibilities.

The low weight and absence of corrosion are additional advantages of this material. A ceramic cylinder prints raster as well as vector files.


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