Pad printing cliché cylinder

For raster and screen laser motives

Cliché cylinders can be produced exactly to customer specification and to the highest accuracy within 24 hours, thanks to our cliché manufacture with the most modern equipment located in the TAMPOPRINTAG headquarters. The product range contains cliché types and widths for a wide variety of requirements and printing performances. With…

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Doctor blades

For rotative pad printing

We recommend for all kinds of cliché cylinders doctor blades from the TAMPOPRINT AG accessories product line. With this combination excellent doctoring and long model life time without damages on the cliché cylinder surface is guaranteed.   Rotary printing doctor blade and wiper POM together with the Original TAMPOPRINT cliché cylinder,…

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Ink Well Insert RTI

Ink-well insert for RTI

The “ink well insert RTI”, the “well-in-well system” from TAMPOPRINT, is suitable for 1 and 2-lane CONTINUA and ROTOPRINT fully automated systems with cliché cylinder widths up to 150 mm, and is only usable in standard sheet steel ink wells with angular inner corners. The “ink well insert RTI” is simply…

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