2015/04 – Laser Marking and Customization

Sample testing at TAMPOPRINT AG.

With each order TAMPOPRINT examines which combination of printing pad, ink and machine will achieve the best product results. Exactly the same applies for the laser marking. Prize codes, expiration dates, tamper-proof markings or bottle filler information ultimately should last for a long period of time. The application in a continuous operation should run flawlessly – and pay for itself.

In order that the affixed markings will be readable for a long time, several tests must be performed prior to the realization of the order. Because: Plastic is not just plastic. But our specialists from the application technique know them all! For our series of tests we require sample parts from the respective production series. Then the optimal solution for the relevant presets will be filtered from the repertoire of possibilities. Factors, such as marking speed, the number and complexity of the symbols, as well as most importantly the composition of the plastics, affect the choice of the process. Should the customized marking be colored or especially high-contrast, additives must be mixed to the plastic. Therefore even white marking on black plastic is possible. Through intensive tests we are able to provide process recommendations and find the best solution for the project realization.

Also metals, organic materials (e.g. wood) and composite materials can individually be labelled. The team from the application technique will find the suitable solution and will counsel you during the entire process. The goal is that your application will perfectly be implemented and your product will impress the market through its quality.

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