2014/08 – User advises for handling with the “CP” Cliché Cylinder


  • Only use Original TAMPOPRINT POM strippers made of high-performance plastics.
  • Only use Original TAMPOPRINT doctoring blades with 0.5 mm thickness. Adjust the surface pressure so that the ink is only inside of the engraving.
  • Only use lapped doctoring blades that are free of damage.
  • If there is any ink on the outside of the engraving, readjust the doctoring blade pressure. The doctoring blade must be replaced as soon as pad printing ink appears again outside of the engraving.
  • Clean the “CP” Cliché cylinder immediately after using.
  • Only use Original TAMPOPRINT “RM cleaning agent” for cleaning.
  • Be careful when using cleaning baths and hot temperatures, especially during a long period.

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