2014/08 – Pad printing versus Offset printing – What can pad printing do better?

Introduced back in 1981, today rotary pad printing is established in the bottle cap industry. Rotary printing is used overall in the area of cylindrical and flat moulded parts and part surfaces. Particularly with demanding and difficult conditions where robust machines are called for, just where TAMPOPRINT “Made in Germany” engineering comes into its own. Our robust constructions guarantee a long working life. Our globally active Service and Maintenance Team is also there to provide after-sales service.



The simple handling of the pad printing process has resulted in hundreds of automated printing systems being deployed in multi-shift manufacturing operations around the world.


Benefits: Robust ceramic or steel cliché rollers: Ceramic clichés have a service life of well over 100 million hours.

  • Laser-engraved print image guarantees the register
  • Variable depths of engraving meet the highest demands
  • Quick set-up time and simple handling
  • Rapid adjustment of doctor blade
  • No clean room conditions required
  • Dust disappears in the ink
  • Uneven surfaces do not present a problem
  • Moulding injection points can be printed over
  • Concave and convex surfaces can be printed
  • Economically-priced solvent-based inks for PP and PE material
  • No UV lamps required


The dry offset process has improved significantly on the area of bottle cap printing over the last 10 years, but the following points still have to be taken into account:
The offset process:
  • Print area has to be even.
  • Why? With uneven surfaces, the printing blanket is squashed and transfers an unbalanced print image.
  • You have to have a surface that is clean and free of dust. Why? If the object to be printed is dirty, this dirt is transferred to the inking unit via the printing blanket and as a result, impairs the print result.
  • Set-up time: A lot of effort has to go into mounting the cliché in order to ensure a good print result.
  • Colouring is very sensitive as otherwise the print result is not good.

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