2014/02 – Modification kit for different closure types

Because of changing market requirements, different needs are demanded regarding the decorating of closures. The closure design is changing because of material savings and different closure types. Presently, a changeover from higher closures to lower ones, as well as the changeover in design from 2-piece design to 1-piece design, can be recognized.

The closure printing machines from TAMPOPRINT offer several advantages regarding the flexibility. Our customers appreciate the advantage, that they are not committed to one closure type. Within a short changeover time, the machines can be set-up to run different types of closures. Depending on the closure dimensions and type, only small adjustments on the feeding system and printing machine are necessary.

There are also limitations regarding to this modification. For example it’s not possible to modifya machine from a small closure diameter to a large closure diameter.

A modification of the machine is only possible if a customer wants to modify the machine from a large closure diameter to a small closure diameter, for example from diameter 48mm to 38mm or 38mm to 28mm. The performance of the printing machine will not change. This means that the closure output of the modified machine always relies to the machine speed of the larger cap (original set up).

In case of a machine modification on an older build machine a changeover is possible as well. Our technicians are modifying the machine at the customers site and do also train the operators how to do the change independently.


Please contact us to support you in each case and decision. Following images are describing the changeover parts and their function.

Sorting Elevator
Closure rail
Part hand-over station
Mandrel and ejector

In order to modify the single units on the sorting elevator and the printing machine, we require at least 100 closures to determine the details of the required changeover parts.


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