2014/01 – “CP” cliche cylinder

The latest cliché development of TAMPOPRINT AG is the new “CP” cliche cylinder. The special chrome-plating on the surface of the cliche cylinder establishes perfect conditions for best printing results with best performance.

It can be used on all common rotary printing machines and RTI printing units. Therefore, the changeover from common steel or ceramic clichés to “CP” cliche cylinders will not involve any modification on the rotary pad printing machine.

The printing images are directly engraved onto the “CP” cliché cylinder by using the latest laser technology. A high-performance laser engraves the print images directly onto the cliché cylinder. This guarantees the highest register accuracy in the radial and axial directions. “CP” cliché cylinders with line artworks and screen engraving will be available from 2014.


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